Historical Stock Price Data Source

Most of the work that I do depends on EOD Data (end of day) data. At the end of the trading day, I like to download price/volume data for all the stocks in my universe, run my strategies, look for signals for the next day and place the buy/sell/stop orders before I go to sleep. This takes the stress out of trading and I really do not have to look at the screen all day and I can focus on my day job.

For this to work, I need to spend about an hour every day to plan my trades the next day. I simulate my backtests using Fidelity Wealth-Lab Pro. Fidelity does a very good job of delivering EOD historical data. But... they send the data over after 10PM at night. This leaves me very little time to plan my next day's trades. I would really like this data available at 3PM instead of 10PM